Hi, I’m Jessa, certified organizer, interior designer, & the founder of Serentopia!

Deep inhale…& deep exhale. Attempting to create & maintain your ideal home environment can sometimes feel lonely & stressful. With the demands of modern day life, it’s highly unlikely that you have hour upon free hour to devote to the cause – even though deep down you know it’s important to you. Despite great effort, you may find yourself in a loop of household tasks & projects that feels somewhat endless. However, you’ve just discovered a gamechanger, an entire business & online Facebook community devoted to helping YOU create your ideal home environment!

I’ve completed extensive training in the fields of Neuroscience, Family Studies, Interior Design, Professional Organizing, & Productivity Consulting, & these fields have been lifelong passions of mine. Whether you find yourself coping with situational or chronic disorganization, craving a subtle or bold room/home makeover, I would love to help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS related to organization & design!

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